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The best designed, most comfortable, & realistic vampire fangs ever made!  These vampire fangs feel like they are part of you!  You can easily talk & drink with them!  Social Fangs For Social Events! Non Toxic! Great selection!!

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Vampire fangs have been one of the top vampire accessories for decades. Millions of vampire fangs have been sold during this time. But for years, these millions of vampire fang wearers were not able to talk or open their mouths without their vampire fangs falling out. This condition persisted until the late 1980s, when the first universal vampire fang was created. These universal vampire fangs were a big improvement, but were applied with an adhesive, so that when too much pressure was put on the vampire fang, the adhesive bond would break, and the vampire fang would pop out. So there was no final solution, other than expensive dental customized vampire fangs, to obtaining vampire fangs that didn’t fall out, and that you could buy at a store. Finally in 1994, the founder of Foothills Creations created a universal vampire fang that wouldn’t fall out. These vampire fangs use a low temperature thermoplastic to anchor the vampire fang to the wearer’s tooth. There is no adhesive bonding, so the vampire fang does not fall out. The founder named the vampire fang “Custom Dracula Fangs”, which evolved into the Custom Designer® family of vampire fangs, the most comfortable vampire fangs on the market.

Our locking, double chambered fang technology makes the most comfortable fangs that you can wear! The melted thermoplastic goes down through the hole in the bottom of the fang and makes a right hand turn in the fang. When the thermoplastic cools in the fang, it locks the fang to the thermoplastic, making a fang that won’t fall out of your mouth! This technology is in all our Custom Designer® Fangs, which are our Dracula Fangs, Sexy Bites Fangs, Sexy Devil Fangs, Double Uppers Fangs, Werewolf Fangs, Sexy Bite Doubles Fangs, Sexy Devil Fangs, Blood Sucker Fangs, Witch Fangs, & Devil Fangs as well as our new Zombie Bites Fangs, Zombie Doubles Fangs and Zombie Quad Fangs.