Custom Designer Fangs

Our Line of Custom Designer Fangs

Our CUSTOM DESIGNER FANGS together with our CUSTOM FANGS ALPHA ONE THERMOPLASTIC make into a partial plate. Not only are they realistic, but Custom Designer Fangs can be repeatedly put in and taken out of their mouths at a moment’s notice. Custom Designer Fangs anchor securely, and do not fall out. You have your own natural bite, and do not have to bite down on the fang. Yet, they are easy to talk with, and they look natural! Besides their superior wearability, YOU LOOK GREAT WITH THEM ON! They are marvelous Social Fangs for Social Events.

Both Fangs and Alpha One Thermoplastic are NON-TOXIC, and will not harm dental work. However, they are not to be used if you have dental plates, or wear braces.



How to Install Your Custom Designer Fangs









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