Why Custom Designer Fangs?

Our CUSTOM DESIGNER FANGS together with our CUSTOM FANGS ALPHA ONE THERMOPLASTIC make into a partial plate.

Not only are they realistic, but Custom Designer Fangs can be repeatedly put in and taken out of their mouths at a moment’s notice.

Custom Designer Fangs anchor securely, and do not fall out.

You have your own natural bite, and do not have to bite down on the fang. Yet, they are easy to talk with, and they look natural!

Besides their superior wear ability, YOU LOOK GREAT WITH THEM ON! They are marvelous Social Fangs for Social Events.


A Partial Plate made of AlphaOne™ Thermoplastic in boiling water and the Double Locking Chambers (Pats #’s 8,517,733 & 8,517,734) is why the fangs don’t fall out.

Boiling water is a very good thing because it sterilizes the material! We have gone to great lengths to make a safe product. In addition to being sterile there is no taste or foul chemical smell.

Custom Designer® Fangs can be worn many times without refills or adhesives, so you get a lot for your money.

Custom Designer® Fangs are the most slender and streamlined fangs on the market and don’t interfere with speech so they are easily concealed. The illusion of pop down fangs is created because no one suspects you have fangs until you bare them!


Only Custom Designer® Fangs can be fit to mesh with anyone’s natural bite.

The Most Comfortable and Best Wearing Fangs Ever Made! Streamlined For Comfort…and, Locking Double Chambered For Superior Anchoring!

  • Unbelievable Comfort!
  • Custom Designer Perfect Bite Fangs Give You Your Natural Bite!
  • Custom Designer Perfect Bite Fangs Have to be Worn to be Appreciated!
  • Patented!
  • Blows Away the Competition!
  • No Smelly Toxic Chemicals
  • Superior to Any Fang Ever Made, Including Even the Benchmark Of Fangware, Our Former Custom Dracula Fangs!
  • Works in Conjunction with Our Custom Fangs Alpha One Thermoplastic Fang Application!
  • A Quantum Leap Forward in Comfort and Anchoring!


Introduced in 1989, Custom Fangs Thermoplastic was originally formulated to custom-make your own particular shape of fang. It was reformulated in 1994 (and later renamed Custom Fangs Alpha One Thermoplastic) to also be able to install our original Custom Dracula Fangs. It now works in conjunction with our Custom Designer Dracula Fangs as well as all of the rest of the Custom Designer fang family, all installed with our famous patented Custom Fangs Alpha One™ Thermoplastic application. Alpha One Thermoplastic is non-toxic, and will not harm dental work. However, it should not be used if you have dental plates, wire work, or wear braces.

By nature, your mouth is one of the most absorbent organs in a person’s body. Nature has designed your mouth to swallow or absorb whatever you put in it. So it is important to be careful of what you do put in your mouth. This is also true of tooth-cap bodies and the application materials you use to secure the tooth-cap body. Since you can have the tooth cap appliance in your mouth for hours at a time, there is the possibility that the materials that make up your tooth-cap appliance can leach out and be absorbed or swallowed. If these materials are toxic, your well-being can be compromised.


Custom Designer Fangs® and Alpha OneTM Thermoplastic has:

  • NO Awful smelling or tasting Toxic Chemicals
  • NO Dimethyl Toluidine
  • NO Methacrylic acid, methyl ester
  • NO Methacrylic acid, butyl ester
  • NO Propanediol, ethyl hydroxy-methyl, trimethacrylate
  • NO N-butyl alcohol
  • NO Citric acid, tributyl ester, acetate
  • NO Pthalates
  • NO Lead compounds of any kind
It’s easy to fit and install our Custom Designer Fangs products. NOTE: You must also read the complete instructions inside the coffin box package. If you have lost the instructions from your coffin box you can download the appropriate PDF on our website to print out to replace them. Each product page on this website contains a link to that specific product’s HOW TO INSTALL PDF.
Both Fangs and Alpha One Thermoplastic are NON-TOXIC, and will not harm dental work. However, they are not to be used if you have dental plates, or wear braces.

  • For adult entertainment & costume, intended for Ages 13 & up
  • Do not use over braces, wires, plates, crowns, bonding, veneers, dentures or any other dental work nor if you have irritated or sensitive gums nor right after a dental cleaning until your gums heal
  • Non-toxic & safe on teeth
  • Fangs are not a toy, keep out of children’s reach
  • Once purchased, fangs are not returnable for any reason, even if unopened
Custom Designer Fangs are sold in Halloween, costume, theatrical supply stores & boutiques in every US State and many countries worldwide. They are also available for purchase here in our online store.
Yes, completely. You only have to customize them once, then, they are easy to snap on and off for years. There is enough customizing material inside each kit for several applications in the event you want to fit one or both fangs better when you are first customizing them, but, once you’re done, they are completely reusable without any additional adhesives.
You only need to customize the fangs once for years of use (see previous question). But, if for any reason, you want to redo the mold, you can purchase an Alpha 1 Thermoplastic refill kit from your local retailer or in our online store HERE.
Yes, you can! However, do not drink hot drinks above 130° F, as it can melt the thermoplastic. Most drinks won’t harm the fangs, although some fake blood and red wine could discolor them.
We do not recommend this practice, as food particles can get between the appliance and your gums & teeth, making it uncomfortable for you. However, it is very easy to pop your fang appliance off, eat your , rinse your mouth, and pop your fangs back on again.
In over 20 years of making fangs, not a single person that we know of has ever not been able to get the fangs off, even when they have been left on immediately after customizing for over 24 hours – but we don’t suggest you do that. Although the fang caps and molding material are not harmed by hot (or cold) liquids, a hot liquid held in the mouth for a period of time can soften the mold very slightly, temporarily. We suggest that you make a cup of hot tea (as hot as you can stand it without burning your tongue) and swish it around inside your mouth over the fangs for 5-10 minutes while simultaneously wiggling the fang caps to get them loose. That will usually do the trick.
That is for you to decide! Our Alpha One Thermoplastic is so forgiving, you may use just about any of our fangs. (The only exception is our petite fangs that are to be used only with small teeth.) Our straight fangs are the standard fangs that are so recognized in films, etc. However, you may want our curved sexy fangs if you want to be more alluring. You may want to be a vampire, werewolf, wild animal, cat, dog, devil, witch, goblin, etc., and so you can use the fang that would be more appropriate for.