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Then you’ve come to the right place. Foothills Creations offers the latest in the cutting edge of fangware technology. We constantly strive for our customer’s satisfaction. Within the last 3 years we have redesigned our fangware, by offering a superior anchoring system; by doing so, this has allowed Foothills to make the most comfortable & streamlined fangs ever made. Foothills Creations has spent much time and money to bring the best possible fangs to our customers.  

Our over all quality, the design & the quality assurance that we possess is unsurpassed in the marketplace. We use only the highest standards that the industry has to offer. We have done our best to engineer our products to use the latest in Non-toxic technology. There are no smelly toxic chemicals with our fitting application method. All of our Fangware collections utilize our specially formulated non-toxic Alpha1 Thermoplastic. This Non-toxic fitting method is so good that we had to put two patents on it to protect it!


“Love the fangs!”
Rabbit Boi

“These fangs were so much fun!”

“Best Fangs Ever.”

“Better than dentures.”

“Perfect Fangs.”

“A vampire’s must have.”


“Love them!”

“. . .the quality was great.”
K Mcfadden

“Movie Quality.”

“Comfortable wearing, easy to speak while wearing.”
E.I. Stewart

“Best Ever. ‘I love them!’”

“Realistic—Small—PERFECT Fit and Stays Put!”

“Love them!”

Devila May

“Awesome! . . .Definitely a good buy!”

“Thank you for making an awesome product!”
Ms. Angel Demon
Editor of Tenebrous Magazine

“. . .superior to the competition”. . .AUTHENTIC APPEARANCE. . .”
Elis Law